Video Marketing – The Technology and the Future Trends

Unveiling its face in front of the world in recent past, video marketing has started its journey toward the new heights. It was until video marketing was introduced that the content alone would suffice to bring business into the limelight. However, video marketing entered marketing with a blast. Although content marketing still enjoys the same importance, video marketing adds spice to the content marketing. This is the reason which has made business owners realize the importance of product marketing by utilizing content and video marketing simultaneously. The trends in marketing are taking sharp turns, making video marketing more important for businesses to stay in the focus.

Understanding Video Marketing

Understanding Video Marketing


A sudden rise in people watching online videos has overtaken any doubts about the future of video marketing. Now the key factor to the success of businesses is understanding of video marketing, the right ways to do it, and the perfect strategies to be successful in video marketing. We shall see some factors which are of primary importance for video marketing experts and agencies.

High-Quality Videos

The word “high quality” can be used to refer to the quality of videos as well as the quality of content residing in the video. Engagement of audience in the video is determined by the quality of content and vice versa, which is one of the most important factors to make a video successful in fulfilling its purpose. Although many of the video makers realize this fact and produce high-quality videos, a number of people lack the quality. Hence they have to reconsider their strategies at some moment. Your audience is your target as a marketer and they are the ones who define the frequency of your success. Considering this fact, marketers are always cautious about the quality of the video and new marketers should also adhere to this strategy in order to attain success in marketing.

Optimizing Your Videos

Those who have their feet into marketing are well aware of the name SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. For maximizing the use of a video, marketers do their best to optimize videos on their websites because they are another form of content. Optimizing your video with catchy titles and meta-data will increase your click through rates as well. The reason behind it is simpler than expected, greater the aesthetic pleasure greater are the chances of a user sticking to the site and hence leading to more clicks.

Length of Video

You do acknowledge that not every video grabs your attention and out of those which do, there are only a few where you get involved. Same goes for internet marketers who have to keep account of the length of the video. While it is not a rule that a short video will more likely be successful, but it is safer to go with shorter videos. Sometimes viewers may not like a short video because they want to see more details. This is the reason that it is considered the wisest act to check video analytics, as it allows you to customize your video based on the stats. It helps marketing experts win the confidence of their audience.

Professional Video Making Services

Understanding the key factors to achieve the best from video marketing involves an important aspect of the professional work force. From script writers to cameramen, directors, design experts, and a good shooting facility having a specialized technical staff will boost the quality of video produced and ultimately the outcome. For your marketing campaign, try contacting professionals to produce high-quality videos for you or your business. To reach out to your customers, bring an aim of developing a relationship with them by addressing their needs.

Video Scheduling and Promotion

Inexperienced marketers overlook an important factor of releasing videos based on a schedule. Do not let your efforts go to waste by releasing videos at the incorrect time. One proven method of safe video scheduling is when an important event of your company (for example, a product launch) is on its way.

Likewise, video promotion is also overlooked by most business owners in their marketing campaigns in a hope that people will come and watch the videos themselves. Rather, you as a marketer have to bring video to your audience – something that they find useful.

Video Marketing Technology and the Future Trends


With the sky-rocketing performance of videos on the internet, marketing trends for the future are also getting shaped accordingly. Sometimes difficult to imagine, trends in video marketing are surely going to be more rewarding and of greater benefit for marketers and the business owners. Some of the future trends are brought into the spotlight in the following discussion.

Targeted Videos

The name says a lot, yet it still needs to be explained and elaborated. The upcoming trend, already implemented by big giants like Facebook, is the appearance of targeted videos. Each consumer sees a video of his interest. Imagine yourself stumbling upon a promotion video of a product or category that you like. This strategy leaves no doubts in the minds of the viewer, no matter how sales-pitchy the promotion is – it’s going to sound justifiable. We have already started to see personalized advertisements and they are undoubtedly very effective. It’s easy to compel someone to buy a product that he already loves. Business owners and marketers will be able to increase the efficiency of their campaigns utilizing this future trend.

360 Video Technology

The revolutionary technology of 360-degree video has already left people in an awe. The reshaping of marketing trends depends greatly on this technology and its efficiency is going to increase further with the introduction of 360-degree videos. Think of a product promotion with a 360 video. It leaves no room to resist from getting convinced to buy the product if targeted correctly with a 360 product promotion video.

The newly born technology has yet to explore the horizons, to go forth toward exploring unique marketing strategies to aid businesses in their campaigns. Not limiting itself to the entertainment industry (where it has infinite uses), 360 video technology is bridging gaps between products and buyers with a fascinating and a pleasing way of marketing. The feeling of closeness to the reality is one of the core competencies of 360 video technology when combined with Virtual Reality. The same feature helps businesses boost their sales by causing the product promotions to make the audience feel like they are experiencing the product in reality. The way 360 video works with Virtual Reality (VR) was beyond imagination a few years ago.

A stage will come when consumers themselves will demand 360 videos in VR to get a real feel of the product before they buy it.

Incorporating Videos in Other Marketing Techniques

Today’s world of digital marketing understands the importance of hand in hand working on content marketing and video marketing, making it the trend of the present. Nevertheless, there is too much to be explored yet. Email marketing still boasts its importance and it will probably not fade for the next 50 years. The upcoming trend is embedding of videos in emails. It is aesthetically pleasing for the audience, which increases the click through rate significantly. Very few companies have started practicing it, but it has not yet become a part of email marketing techniques – which is going to happen in next few months or years.


Facebook Live

Have you noticed that it is becoming irresistible to leave Facebook since it has started using videos in addition to written content?

Hundreds of videos get past your eyes every day, each leaving an impact on your brain. When brain recognizes something fascinating for a number of times, it develops an affiliation. It has become one of the major tools in the hands of marketing experts to become successful in their marketing campaigns. The trends in marketing are changing just as the technology does. Facebook Live feature has connected people with each other, it has also connected the sellers, buyers, and the marketers. Resisting an Ad is not easy anymore with the introduction of this feature where product promotion in one region can be made to reach to the world. Further, 360 videos enjoy an added advantage with Facebook Live for effective digital marketing.


The need of identifying future trends in marketing is as important as understanding ways for good video marketing. It allows businesses and marketing agencies to shape their marketing campaigns and yield a better result than their competitors by making the best use of technology. While 360 video is another sweeping addition to the video marketing, it still is going to continue to excel – it has no end. Hence marketing experts should keep a close eye on future trends and reshape their marketing strategies in accordance with these trends to stay ahead of their competitors.