The Rise of 360 Video (Infographic)

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘a picture can say a thousand words’. If that’s the case then a 360 video is worth a million.

Unless you’ve kept your eyes and ears shut over the past few years (or put a complete blockade on social media) you’ll have noticed the short sharp rise of 360 Videos. Scroll through your Facebook feed and 360 videos will be absolutely everywhere, and that’s by no means a coincidence. According to the tech giant Cisco, “Video will make up more than 79% of internet traffic by 2018”

and the leading publishers all know this. This not only represents a growing hunger from brands to produce video content, but a lasting appetite by consumers to watch it, meaning there’s never been a better time to get involved.


360 Video in Social Media

Since last year, digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and now Vimeo have added support features for 360 video, encouraging brands to market the format on their platform.


Lets see the numbers:

Rise of 360 Video Infographic