Moziahs – A Case Study for Restaurants.

We’ve just finished filming and production for Moziah’s Caribbean Restaurant, and having dined at the restaurant we can vouch for the amazing caribbean food you will taste if you visit them. In this blog I’d like to share with you our experience of producing their 360 Video to showcase what the restaurant has to offer.


We started by scoping out the restaurant for ideal positions to mount our 360 Rig, we wanted to go for the minimal approach to avoid the people in the restaurant feeling uncomfortable, We trialled 4 different positions within the restaurant and found a ceiling spot that was just about able to capture all the diners. The rig was mounted upside down hanging from the ceiling almost like a light. This allowed for a full 360 immersive video of the full restaurant, Combined with the smooth reggae atmosphere and the delicious food the recording sessions was great!


Our rig fitter visited Moziah’s earlier in the day a few hours before the diners arrived allowing plenty of testing to take and giving us full confidence that the evening shoot would go to plan.

Our set recording time was at 7pm as business started to pick up we came into the establishment to watch over the recording and made sure everything went smoothly, a few hours passed along with plenty of plates of Jerk chicken wings, some smooth reggae vibes and a cheeky red stripe to savour the evening. We operate our rig using remote control so we were able to film at various points throughout the evening. Once the diners had left we were able to dismantle the rig and move on to the post production.

Post Production

The following day our Lead Editor, Jake, started putting together the video. With precision stitching and parallax smoothing the 360 video was ready to view. The results was tremendous with their being hardly any stitching issues it was one of our best! Moziah’s went for our business package, which includes overlays so next we added started to design the overlays to fit with the laid back Caribbean nature of the business. We opted for a fast forward production technique on their video interjected with slo-mo segments that were used to draw attention to the overlays.


We still have a few tweaks to complete this video, but once we get it out on social media we will be tracking its progress to see how many views and new visitors it feeds through to their web site and we will update this post with the results.

Do you have a restaurant that you would like to showcase using 360 Video? If so get in touch as we would love to learn more about your project and the possibility of working together.