360 Videos – A World of Opportunities

You can’t really experience something to its full potential unless you’re there right? Wrong… with the new 360 videos you can be wherever you want whenever you want!

Technology has reached the point now where we can record in 360 degree panoramic views and for the viewer this represents a much more interactive experience.

Since March 2015, when YouTube first launched the ability to upload and view 360 videos. The video community and industry is in uproar of excitement and business potential. Indeed one such example in the early adoption of this technology is to see it being used in hospitals to reduce anxiety in children before MRI scans, by using a VR headset to give the child a virtual experience before the real one.

What are 360 Videos?

If you’ve used google maps with Street View, you will have some experience of viewing a Panorama. A full spherical image that allows you to view the entire surroundings from a single standpoint by allowing you to change the view to look out into the image at any angle you choose, putting you in control the camera! Well 360 Videos take this technology one step further and provide the same experience, but this time instead of panning around a static image, you are in control of the camera in a video context and you can completely immerse yourself by using a VR headset to view these videos.

For Business

Increasingly the multinational corporations are also booking in to provide a more immersive video experience for their customers. Mcdonald’s, PC World, Dyson and Marathonbet are just examples of big business quick to adopt this exciting trend, and studies are predicting that by 2020 there will be 30 million dollar market for these fantastic 360 videos.

The technology is great for showcasing facilities, that you wouldn’t really be able to convey through standard video or photography. 360 video enables you to capture both the atmosphere and convey a full understanding of the venue in one hit. In this context, 360 video works great for restaurants, sports centres, music venues, schools, golf clubs along with many more examples.

For sports enthusiasts this technology is able to offer viewers a much deeper experience of the activity, allowing the viewer to relive the moment with much greater detail than single shot video.

We think 360 Videos have a huge future, indeed the buzz these videos create can be studied in the numbers. Since February 2016, 500 million users of Facebook have spent more than 1 million hours watching 360 Videos – pretty impressive stats for something that is still really in its infancy!

360 Video need not be an exclusivity for the super rich. Check out our packages page to see just how affordable a 360 Video experience can be.